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To enhance your buying and selling experience, it is my job as real estate professional to provide you with as much useful information as possible to assist you in your buying or selling journey. It is essential that the buyer or seller be aware of key happenings and trends in the real estate market before making a major decision. Whether it be through newsletters, checklists or news articles, I am available to make this process stress-free and rewarding. Please access my free reports today!

After all, It is All About You.

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Monthly Review - The Ottawa Market and Newsletter

Ten times a year, I prepare an Ottawa Monthly Market Update that discusses briefly the overall market conditions in the Ottawa re-sale housing market. Using data from the Ottawa Real Estate Board, I compare the current month activities in the re-sale market to the previous month or year and watch the trends over time.

The market update is part of my monthly e-newsletter. See the column to the right for more inforamtion and a subscription link.